Awareness: How To Carve A Duck
Free Throw Shooters
Soft Skills Aren’t Soft
Dealing With Upset People
Motivating Others
Emotional Intelligence
Life Is All People
Build A Better You
The Kind of Person You Become
Water Is Wet
Tangled Christmas Tree Lights
Awareness Precedes Change
Why You Get Upset
Creating The Culture
The Kind of ______ You Become

Steps To Higher Awareness

The Attitude Mechanism

Nourish The Mind


Be Your Own Best Coach

Aunt Mole

Leadership From The Inside Out Video Series

This video series is absolutely free. Leadership From The Inside Out is a series of one to three-minute video clips that help leaders become more patient, develop more confidence, increase emotional intelligence, and achieve mastery of any desired skill.

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  1. The program provides ongoing motivation for your entire staff.
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  3. The vignettes can serve as an effective supervisory coaching tool.
  4. You can save the messages in a folder for future reference.

How It Works?

  1. Each week you receive a one to three-minute leadership and “people-skills” video clip that you can forward to your entire staff.
  2. It requires only the time it takes to push the “fwd” button to share the clips.
  3. There is no cost, this is a free service of Dennis Smith Training.

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