About Us

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Our Story

Denny Smith has been creating learning experiences for over 50 years in 22 states.  After 11 years in formal education as a teacher, he launched a career as a professional speaker and trainer. In 1999, at the tender age of 55, he returned to the classroom because in his words, “I totally enjoy working with young people.” He spent 11 years as a math teacher and coach at St. Cloud Tech High School before reentering the speaking circuit. From keynote to break-out session, Denny motivates audiences with warm energy and enthusiasm.

Our Approach

We have two goals for each session. One is to pick up one “A-ha,” that one idea you can immediately use. The second is to have a little fun. Nowhere is it written that we have to have long faces and stern looks to achieve an effective learning experience.

That is why our sessions are packed with powerful ideas, information and strategies, but delivered through a warm, engaging and uplifting approach.

Denny Smith, a former teacher and coach, is a high energy speaker with a mission: To build peoples’ confidence, to increase peoples’ competence and help people get more out of life, both on and off the job.  His sometimes emotional, sometimes humorous, but always sincere approach to his audience and subject matter has been enjoyed by business groups, sales organizations, health care professionals, educators and students. He is a teacher, motivator, skill builder and author.

Next Steps…

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