Go After Some Laughter

Laughter raises the endorphins in your bloodstream. Endorphins are the natural amphetamines secreted by the body. Through literally thousands of studies, we don’t just think this is true, we know it’s true. The proof is overwhelming.

Go After Some Laughter is a fitting banquet or luncheon presentation that leaves the audience laughing, yet reminded of the little things that we can do to make life more meaningful for others.

Sometimes we just have to have a little fun!

Countless hours of research tell us that laughter has a profound effect on our health, our emotional well-being, our ability to get along with others.

Go After Some Laughter is also available as a keynote speech, break-out session, or workshop. Laced with humor, the presentation includes documented information on the health benefits of laughter and includes tips making humor a part of your own demeanor.

It also points out that organizations whose employees have fun along the way laugh all the way to the bank. Customers like doing business with people who smile.

Anatomy of an Illness

When Dr. Norman Cousins was diagnosed with a crippling and irreversible disease, he forged an unusual collaboration with his physician. Together they were able to beat the odds. The doctor’s genius was in helping his patient to use his own powers: laughter, courage, and tenacity. The patient’s talent was in mobilizing his body’s own natural resources, proving what an effective healing tool the mind can be. This remarkable story of the triumph of the human spirit is truly inspirational reading.

Dr. Dale Anderson, author of 6 books on the healing power of humor, writes a simple prescription for happiness. “Belly laugh 15 seconds twice daily. Refill as many times as needed.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer reminds us that the greatest challenge in life is to learn to enjoy it! Go After Some Laughter helps us lighten up and laugh while remaining serious about what we do and how we treat each other.


You know what kids think of their Dad’s jokes. Need I say More?

Kyle Smith

His kids don’t always think he’s funny, be he thinks he’s a riot.

Ryan Smith

My dad spoke at a banquet last week and had 50 people rolling in the aisles. He said 50 out of 250 was above average.

Jason Smith

Hire him. It’ll get him out of the house for a few days.

Pat Smith

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Denny Smith, a former teacher and coach, is a high energy speaker. His sometimes emotional, sometimes humorous, but always sincere approach to his audience and subject matter has been enjoyed by diverse audiences in 21 states and Canada.