Emotional Intelligence: How To Carve A Duck

Emotional Intelligence: How To Carve A Duck!

Strange title? Powerful results! This presentation teaches a system of self-coaching helping participants become more patient, confident and calm in intense situations. Discover strategies leading to higher emotional intelligence, increased awareness (mindfulness) and mastery of any desired skill. 


  1. Defining emotional intelligence.
  2. What How to Carve a Duck is all about.
  3. Creating the climate – YOU are the decisive element
  4. The power of awareness – Awareness precedes change.
  5. 3 steps for dealing with people who are upset.
  6. The key to implementing steps in #5.
  7. 4 steps to self-coaching
  8. Understanding 4 levels of awareness.

Participants learn how to

  1. Clearly identify desired areas of growth.
  2. Create increased awareness leading to self-mastery.
  3. Self-coach for mastery of any desired skill.
  4. Interact with people who are upset in a calm, non-threatening manner.
  5. Recognize why YOU get upset.

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