Leadership From the Inside Out


The leader is the decisive element in any organization. Whether problems escalate or deescalate, and whether workers are motivated or demotivated depends largely on the emotional intelligence and leadership savvy of the person in charge.

Creating a culture that people want to be part of and a workplace where people enjoy coming to work is the major focus of Leadership From The Inside Out.

Participants will learn how to

  • Grow 5 traits of successful leaders
  • Stay positive even during challenging times
  • Create increased awareness leading to self-mastery
  • Self-coach for mastery of any desired skill
  • Develop emotional intelligence leading to a calm, controlled leadership style
  • Stay calm under fire / Interact with people calmly and effectively
  • Define and train for desired outcomes
  • Deal with problems in a corrective rather than critical manner 


  1. Leadership: YOU make the difference
  2. Keeping yourself positive during challenging times
  3. Defining and modeling good leadership
  4. The Importance of Awareness – Awareness precedes change
  5. 4 steps to self-coaching
  6. Outcome based leadership – Clearly defining expectations
  7. 3 steps for dealing with people who are upset
  8. Conflict resolution: staying calm under fire 
  9. YOU create the climate

Next Steps…

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