Education: Emotional Intelligence: How To Carve A Duck


The concept is simple. If you want to become more patient, when you observe yourself being impatient, carve it away and you are left with patience. If you catch yourself using a harsh tone of voice, carve that away and you are left with a calm and approachable demeanor. Participants gain powerful self-coaching tools that they can use to ensure career success, increase educational effectiveness and enhance personal relationships.

Participants will learn to…

Clearly identify desired areas of growth

Create increased awareness leading to self-mastery

Teach emotional intelligence to students

Self-coach and coach students toward mastery of any desired emotional skill

Interact with people who are upset in a calm, non-threatening manner

Recognize why you get upset




  1. Defining emotional intelligence.
  2. The importance of awareness—awareness precedes change
  3. 3 steps for interacting with people who are feeling upset
  4. Key ingredient for implementing steps in #3
  5. 4 steps to self-coaching
  6. Understanding 4 levels of awareness

Next Steps…

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