Teachers Still Make The Difference


In Between Teacher and Child, Hiam Ginnot reminds us that “the teacher is the decisive element in the classroom. The teacher’s attitude and daily mood create the climate. The teacher’s response determines whether crisis will be escalated or de-escalated and a child humanized or de-humanized.

We make no apologies. The major purpose of Teachers Still Make The Difference is to give teachers a refreshing shot of Positive Mental Attitude about themselves, their students and their profession. With all we face in education today, staying positive and motivated is a challenge, but when that challenge is met, miraculous things happen. Learning takes place, young people are molded into happy and caring human beings and teachers enjoy a well deserved level of personal satisfaction. It’s beneficial to occasionally stop chopping and sharpen the ax.

Participants will learn how to…

Grow 5 traits of successful and happy people

Focus on correcting rather than criticizing mistakes

Make personal positivity a way of life.

The importance of being a “people builder”

Recognize how your attitude and demeanor affect the classroom climate


  1. YOU are the decisive element
  2. The importance of being a “people builder”
  3. Developing “solution consciousness”
  4. The power of positive expectancy
  5. How to stay positive during challenging times
  6. The importance of lighting single candles along the way

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