Conferences: Leadership From the Inside Out

What’s the presentation about?

Conference attendees look for opportunities to improve leadership skills. Leadership From the Inside Out teaches useful and practical skills that reinforce and re-teach proven techniques that help participants enhance leadership capabilities.

Participants will learn how to

Grow 5 traits of a successful leader

Stay positive even during challenging times

Create increased awareness leading to self-mastery

Self-coach to mastery of any desired skill

Develop emotional intelligence that leads to a calm, controlled leadership style

Stay calm under fire

Clearly define and train for desired outcomes

Interact calmly and effectively with upset people

Deal with problems in a corrective rather than critical manner


  1. Leadership: YOU make the difference
  2. Keeping yourself positive during challenging times
  3. Emotional Intelligence – How to Carve a Duck
  4. The Importance of Awareness – Awareness Precedes Change
  5. 4 Steps to self-coaching
  6. Outcome-based Leadership – Clearly defining expectations
  7. 3 Steps for Dealing with upset people
  8. Conflict Resolution/Staying calm under fire
  9. YOU create the culture


Break-out Topics

Leadership from the inside out,  or Emotional Intelligence: How to carve a duck  serve as excellent break-out sessions. Other session can be custom-designed:

Keeping yourself positive during challenging times

Staying calm under fire/Dealing with difficult people

Calm and Confident Conflict Resolution

Customer service: You DO make the difference

Embracing Diversity: Making our communities safe and welcoming for ALL people

Next Steps…

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