Conferences: Emotional Intelligence: How To Carve A Duck


This presentation teaches a system of self-coaching that helps participants become more patient, confident, and remain calm in tense situations. It outlines three strategies leading to a higher level of emotional intelligence, increased awareness (mindfulness) and self-mastery of any desired skill. It is filled with takeaways participants can use immediately, both on and off the job.

Participants Learn how to…

Clearly identify desired areas of growth.

Create increased awareness that leads to self-mastery.

Self-coach to mastery of any desired skill.

Interact with upset people in a calm and non-threatening manner.

Understand why YOU get upset.

A simple concept

If you want to become more patient, when you observe yourself being impatient, carve it away and you are left with patience.  If you catch yourself using a harsh tone of voice, carve that away and you are left with a calm and approachable demeanor. The system can be used to make continued personal and professional growth and ongoing adventure.


  1. Defining emotional intelligence.
  2. What How To Carve A Duck is all about.
  3. The importance of awareness – awareness precedes change.
  4. 3 steps for dealing with people who are upset.
  5. The key ingredient in implementing the steps in #3.
  6. 4 steps to self-coaching.
  7. Implementing four levels of awareness.

Break-out Topics

Leadership From The Inside Out  and Emotional Intelligence: How To Carve A Duck both serve as excellent break-out sessions. Others sessions can be custom-designed to fit your organization’s conference theme, goals, audience and timeline.

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