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The teacher is the decisive element in the classroom. If the teacher is warm and positive, the climate will be warm and positive too. If the teacher is enthusiastic about teaching, the students will be enthusiastic about learning. A motivated teacher motivates students. Setting aside staff development time for a workshop on motivation and positive school climate is not only beneficial — it’s imperative.

Step 1: Inspire

Teachers STILL Make The Difference

Teachers STILL make the Difference can serve as an exciting kick-off to the school year or an uplifting mid-year charger! It is positive and upbeat, laced with humor and a reminder of the important role teachers play as they influence students’ lives. This topic is also an appropriate keynote or break-out session for educational conferences.

Step 2 : Educate

Emotional Intelligence: How To Carve A Duck

Strange title? Powerful results! Participants will learn a system of self-coaching that increases patience, confidence and a state of calm in tense situations. Learn why a kind tone of voice yields positive results. Learn three specific strategies leading to a higher level of emotional intelligence, increased awareness (mindfulness) and self-mastery of any classroom management skill. Participants get takeaways to use immediately – in the classroom and all areas of life!

Step 3: Motivate

Teaching From The Inside Out

John Goodlad in, A Place Called School, reminds us that kids may not always remember what they were taught but they will remember how they were treated.

Success in the classroom hinges on the climate created by teachers, administrators and the entire school staff. School climate starts at the top and permeates the entire organization. For each individual educator, leadership and personal effectiveness originates from the inside out.


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Because We Never Stop Growing…

These are additional sessions we have created for specific organizations, each of these sessions can be completely customized to fit your specific needs and requirements.

Coaches Make The Difference

The game or meet you are preparing for right now will pass quickly, but your legacy and influence will continue long after the last horn sounds and your career comes to a close.  How you treat your athletes, how you handle winning and losing, and how you handle the ups and downs of competitive athletics is the ultimate test. Your choices determine the real and long-lasting success of your coaching career.

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Break-out Topics

Educating From The Inside Out, Emotional Intelligence: How To Carve A Duck both serve as excellent break-out sessions. Other sessions can be custom designed:

  1. Keeping Yourself Positive During Challenging Times
  2. Staying Calm Under Fire/Dealing With Difficult People
  3. Correction vs. Criticism
  4. You DO Make The Difference
  5. Building Self-Esteem and Confidence
  6. Embracing Diversity: Making Our Schools Safe And Welcoming For  ALL Students

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